Staged Vancouver Riots

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    I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted on here. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure why. I’ve been quite busy though, and there hasn’t really been anything of interest that’s happened in the news, until NOW. Well, last night to be exact, (June 15th, 2011).
We all know what happened in Vancouver after the dismal game 7 loss by the hometown Canucks… Riots ensued. But why? Was it because some citizens of Vancouver were pissed their team lost? After all, they did the same thing back in 1994. I beg to differ. Here’s the reasoning behind my thoughts.
When the Canucks lost at their last try for Lord Stanley’s beer mug, there were riots in the streets of the city. The police, and the Powers That Be, (PTB), learned from those actions. Hell, there was even a several hundred page report made public on the subject. They knew that if Vancouver lost again, the world would expect riots, so the PTB delivered them in spades.
Vancouver Riot Police

Let’s look at it this way: Where was all the damage really done? A few stores, and two cars, (one of which was a Police Cruiser). Kind of reminds you of the G20 riots in Toronto last summer?

These two riots were clearly staged, to bring about, (in front of all of us), a new Police State. Yes, that’s right, a POLICE STATE.

It only takes a few people to start a riot. Shortly after, most people will follow suit. It’s called ‘The Mob Mentality’. Just do as you see others doing, and you’ll fit in, and be less likely to get caught. That’s what the PTB were counting on, in both instances, (think Agent Provocateurs, or PLANTS).

Now, let’s look at the cars that were torched. One, a piece of shit, old, already beat up car. And the other, a Police Cruiser. Both cars were deliberately parked in, or near the 100,000-strong Canucks’ supporters. Now this proves one of two things: Either the Vancouver Police are the dumbest law enforcement agency in Canada, or the cars were planted for just such an event. You decide.

You’ll also notice that the riots in Vancouver have made the front page of most news papers in North America. It’s on all the news broadcasts in North America, and many around the world. Why, you may ask? The Illuminati controlled mass media is at work. The PTB want as many people as possible to see this. They want the world to be, (like many of us in North America), slowly brainwashed. So they can slowly but surely start putting into place a Police State, and eventually a New World Order.
You watch…. It won’t be long until you see CCTV cameras everywhere. In all major cities around North America. They’ll be doing it in the same of Security, of course. If you have nothing to hide, then why worry about them? Think again, my friend. Rent the movie 1984 at your local video store, or on Netflix. Or, better yet, read the book. That is where we’re headed. Not now, not tomorrow, but pretty damn soon!

For Your Safety – TSA

Because 6 year old American Girls regularly strap explosives, and other implements of destruction to their bodies? Should someone teach the TSA a better way to profile?
You can read about it HERE

Looks like the Powers That Be are finally starting to get what they want: To keep you at home, working as slaves.  With footage like this on the Internet, and the TSA acting in such a manner, who wants to travel?
This is something we must deal with.  We MUST rebel against these actions!  Don’t let The Man keep you down.  Don’t let Him control how you travel, or where you travel.  Terrorism does NOT exist.  This is all just a rouse to better control you.  How many of your rights and freedoms have been restricted, or entirely revoked in the name of FREEDOM? 

TSA Body Scan

The scariest part of all this is, we are LETTING them keep us down!  We are being blinded by manufactured uprisings around the world.  Blinded by elections.  All so we don’t notice something that would have cause massive riots only 20- 30 years ago!  Why the Hell aren’t more people saying anything about it now?  Why is it left just to the bloggers and ‘conspiracy nuts’?
It’s time to stand up and fight!  I predict that sooner than later, there will be a REAL act of terrorism on North American soil.  Not one that’s been manufactured by The Illuminati.  But one from REAL people.  People who are fed up with being treated as though this world has turned into Orwell’s 1984.

Libya: War For World Government

The last several weeks we’ve all seen what’s going on in Libya.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  has anyone ever questioned ‘WHY’?  The easy answer is ‘oil’.
The biggest question still remaining is ‘Why, after nearly four decades of rule, and support from the world community is Gaddafi now EVIL’?

Doesn’t it seem a little ‘TOO CONVENIENT’ for there to be massive protests and riots ONLY in the Middle East/Northern Africa?  Those aren’t the only nations were the ‘paupers’ are oppressed.  What about the oppression in North America?  In South America?  Europe?  Asia?  Why is it that the ONLY ones who feel the need to demonstrate this are a world away?
You’ll find the answers to these questions in this well written article, found on Alex Jones’ website.


Libyan War Was Planned A DECADE Ago!

It seems that most conflicts around the world are planned years in advance.  Here’s even MORE proof of that fact.


I know I haven’t posted anything in a few days, and I’m sorry.  Just wanted to give you guys a quick update.  Over the next few days/week, I’m going to be moving.  So, I won’t be able to update this blog AT ALL.  😦  I should however, be back up and running sometime next week, (once my Internet gets set up at my new castle). 
I’d like to thank you all for continuing to read my postings.  many of you have commented, and I look forward to reading many of your thoughts.  I would also like to thank you all for the outstanding success this blog has seen over the last couple of months.  The number of hits here have increased by at least 10 fold!

Again, thank you all, and I’ll be back up and writing very soon!

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World Update

I apologize for not posting anything for the last week or so. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. But, rest assured, I’m back, and will continue to post. Maybe not as frequently for some time, but the updates will continue.
Over the past few weeks, the only thing that seems to have been in the news has been the revolution in Egypt. As I posted in THE REVOLUTION IS SPREADING, I indeed said that Egypt is a trend setter. The revolution in the Middle East is spreading. First to Jordan, and now to Libya.
The difference between the revolution in Egypt, and the one now occurring in Libya is plain to see: Libya is turning to violence. Hundreds of civilians are being slaughtered by their nations protectors.
I also suggested that these revolutions are choreographed. Planned out by The Powers that Be. Why? So that the Elite Rich, (Illuminati), can place whoever they want in positions of power in said countries. Just like in a game of Chess. First you position your pawns, then you strike. It’s all very simple, really. Just think about it.
I’m not in the business of prophesies , but I will say this: In the very near future, something MASSIVE will occur. It could be the complete implementation of the New World Order, or it could be the beginning of Full Disclosure. I’m not sure. One thing I am sure sure of is; when it happens, we’ll all know it, and our lives will change. Likely for the worse, rather than the better.
These revolutions could also be serving as a distraction. How many of you are aware of the currently occurring Polar Shift? That’s right. The North and South magnetic poles are shifting. Just ask the engineers at the airport in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Are you also aware that climate change is also occurring? But not what you think. We’re moving towards an ice age, or at least a mini ice age. NOT Global Warming. Again, just a theory that these revolutions are serving as a distraction, but the fact remains that Global Warming is a FARCE.

Now, back to these revolutions…. As I said, they will spread. Not just in the Middle East, but world wide. There are even demonstrations of support occurring. These demonstrations will soon turn into all-out protests. Forcing the leaders of nations to bend to the will of ‘the people’. This is called democracy. But, let’s not forget: Democracy is the worst type of government…. Except for all the rest.
I suppose now it’s just a waiting game. I suspect we’ll soon find out what PTB are up to. I don’t think I’ll like what happens, and neither will you. Keep your fingers crossed. There is a very slim chance it will benefit us.

The People’s Movement Continues

It seems that people around the world, have taken their lead from the Egyptians, who successfully removed their ‘Pharoah’ from his 30 year reign of power.
 While watching AL JAZEERA

The people of Algeria have begun their turn at protesting.  The people of Yemen continue their protests, as well.

I still contest that these protests are manufactured.  Choreographed by the Powers That Be, to place the leaders of THEIR choice in the top offices.  Beginning to implement their view of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT:  To have their puppets in more governments.

I understand that the world is feeling UNITED.  As though we the people can achieve anything.  This is true.  However, what we are choosing to achieve is already selected for us.  have you ever heard of ‘THE MOB MENTALITY‘?  That’s exactly what’s happening here.  We THINK we’re doing what we want.  Actually, what the people of Egypt, Yemen, Algeria, and other nations are doing is exactly what the PTB want them to. 

Kinda makes you feel like a fool, doesn’t it?

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Inevitable Victory, or Propaganda?

As I’ve posted for the last few days, there is a revolution occurring!
There are a few reasons why this is happening right now.

1)  The people of the world have finally had enough.  When they see that Hosni Mubarak resigns from office long before he said he would, people will see VICTORY.  The people around the world will see that when enough people move towards a cause, it can, and will be accomplished.

2)  It’s happening in the Middle East for a reason.  Primarily in Egypt.  The reason for that is simple:  Who do you really believe built the pyramids?  Was it thousands of men pushing, and dragging those massive slabs of rock up a slide made of mud?  Me either.

Yes, I’m saying the majority of those protests are being staged.  Yes, they will accomplish what they want.  However, Do you honestly believe that the ‘PRO-MUBARAK’ protesters, (actually cops), are there by accident?  Promoting violence?  They are there for no other reason than to turn the world against Mubarak.  To help show the world that protesting again works.

3)  If you had a chance to watch the video that was posted on STILL AN E.T. DOUBTER? which was promptly taken down, then you know what I’m talking about.  If you didn’t have a chance to view it, it clearly showed an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT in the skies over Jerusalem, Israel.
What I’m saying is this:  Yes there are aliens amongst us.  yes they will very soon, (within the next 18-24 months), make themselves visible.  Full disclosure will soon be here.

The Powers That Be, (PTB) are preparing us with their predictive programming, and other forms of propaganda for the inevitable disclosure of alien life.  They may be waiting for December 21st, 2012, just to make it more exciting.  But who knows? 
You’ve also heard about journalists being arrested, and detained by the Egyptian police?  I would suggest that while they are being detained, that are actually being ‘briefed’.

That I believe is the real reason for starting these protests, and riots.  So that when E.T. is finally revealed to us, we’ll except the news willingly. 
The next step will be alien integration, then to domination.  This integration and domination may not happen in my lifetime, or yours, or our children’s.  But it will. 

The Revolution Has Begun

Yes, the revolution has begun.  It began in Tunisia, now it’s going full-bore in Egypt.  There have been demonstrations around the world in support of this movement.
Yes, the people of this world, the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the disappearing middle-class, every colour, and every creed have begun to stand as one.  To tell these corrupt governments around the world, that, “We won’t take it anymore!”.

The corrupt governments of the world have no choice but to take notice.  They’re scared.  they know that something huge is about to happen.  And all because of one Tunisian street vendor.
The police, and the powers that be are responding in the only way they know how – VIOLENCE.   Our brothers and sisters are peaceful, yet they resort to tear gas, and rubber bullets.  Kind of reminds you of Montebello and Toronto,  doesn’t it?

We need to stand together people!  We need to join our brothers and sisters around the world!  Give them our support!  Give them our voice!

No more rewarding the crooked banks for doing their jobs incorrectly.  No more supporting Countries that are led by criminals! No more rewarding companies that don’t know how to run a successful, legitimate business! NO MORE!

A global change is about to happen, and our leaders are shitting their pants.  You’ve seen it on the news.  You’ve read it in the papers.  You’ve listened to it on the radio.  It seems now that the Illuminati controlled media is also joining in this change.  They are being HONEST reporters for a change.  

This global change is coming quickly.  It’ll be here before any of us know it.  The regional and global governments will cease to exist.  We will be united as individual states.  As we were meant to be.  The NWO will no longer exist.  The IMF will no longer exist. 

The non-believers of the NWO have now had an enlightening experience.  They see the troubles that leaders in far away lands cause.  It has made them sit back, and look at their own leaders, and see the similarities.  They now know that it is just a matter of time, before their country becomes like Egypt, or Tunisia, or England.
Stand together folks!  Defeat this One World Government!

Made In The USA

Is this how the American government tries to police the world?  By making, and selling their ‘TERROR WEAPONS’ to so called ALLIES?
Watch this clip, and tell me what you think.

Thanks for the video, Flip.

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