He Died YEARS AGO!!!


More Legitimization Of Pedophilia

As I posted in SOCIAL PROGRAMMING WILL MAKE PEDOPHILIA A THING OF THE PAST, on November 26th 2010, and in MORE PROOF OF ACCEPTING PEHOPHILIA, I suggested that the Illuminati are slowly trying to program us en masse to accept pedophilia.  Here is even more proof….  Soon to be seen in the pages of VOGUE Magazine.

Why The Illuminati Tolerate Truthers

This is a fantastically written article.  I would suggest that EVERYONE on the planet, (or at least with access to the Internet) read it.


Mass Media Fails Us AGAIN!

It seems that the corporate owned media has failed us yet again. 
Please read this article, and open your minds with it. 

Coporate Media FAILS to Report Facts Of Giffords Shooting, FBI HAS Security Tapes

Deek Jackson, and MK ULTRA

This is a radio show by an very interesting individual.  You should really check it out.  Some parts are a bit difficult to hear, but trust me, it’s totally worth your 25 minutes!

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JLL: A Manchurian Candidate?

Next time you hear about a high profile assassination, or assassination attempt, think of this: 

AZ Congresswoman assassination scenario has MKULTRA profile, drug & space target

Jared Lee Loughner is being run through the media as a nut case.  He’s a schizophrenic, who hears voices.
Let’s not forget who else heard voices in their head; Mark David Chapman: The man who shot and killed John Lennon. Sirhan Sirhan: The man who shot and killed Robert F. Kennedy.  Both of which have claimed to be under mind control, (See MKULTRA)

Jared lee Laughner

 A scholarly article on the MKULTRA program states,

MKULTRA grew into a mammoth undertaking. The nature of the research included these specific problems:
•    Can we create by post-H (hypnotic) control an action contrary to an individual’s basic moral principles?
•    Can we “alter” a person’s personality? Can we guarantee total amnesia under any and all conditions?
•    Could we seize a subject and in the space of an hour by post-H control have him crash an airplane?
•    Can we devise a system for making unwilling subjects into willing agents and then transfer that control to untrained agency agents in the field by use of codes or identifying signs?

That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Now you know where the ‘tinfoil hats’, (although turned into a laughing matter due to mainstream media), come from.

It’s not a laughing matter, (well, maybe the tinfoil hats go a bit too far), but MKULTRA does exist, (declassified documents here).  Of that there is NO doubt. Just because THEY say it’s been disbanded, doesn’t male it so.
The U.S. government, and many others around the world actively engage in MKULTRA-type experiments, and practices.

6 Crackpot Conspiracy Theories

This article is certainly worth a read for anyone who has ever thought that us Conspiracy Theorists are nuts.
Just look at it this way:  We’re RIGHT!

6 Crackpot Conspiracy Theories

Predictive Programming Continued…..

This kind of stuff just seems to be getting more and more obvious.
I wrote about Predictive Programming the other day in: Predictive Programming?, and in Chemtrail Conditioning.
Now we see the Norway Spiral in a Puffs Kleenex commercial.
Are they trying to condition us to blindly accept anomalies in the sky? 

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about when I say the ‘Norway Spiral’, you can see it below.

Mind Control Anyone?

Here’s another great article on Mind Control, and how it’s being implemented into today’s society, and into our everyday lives, without us even noticing.

You’ll see that #3 and #5 I have covered in previous posting HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I suggest you all read this, and pass it along to your friends.  It’s a real eye-opener for those of you too blind to see what’s really happening to us.


Al Qaeda In The News Again?

I understand that FOX NEWS barely counts as a legitimate news outlet.  After all, like all MAJOR news corporations, it’s controlled by The Illuminati.
Yes, I occasionally cruise their website to see what sort of lies and misinformation they’re spewing to the public.  I laughed out loud when I read this article:

AQAP Looking To Attack U.S. Food Supply?

 You would think that by now, the evil entity known as Al Qaeda would be far from every one’s mind.  But it seems that The Illuminati want to keep everyone on their toes, or more specifically, under their spell.


We know that Al Qaeda is a myth.  Created by the Americans/Illuminati.  But I suppose that the weak, and the mindless will blindly follow their leaders like lemmings to a cliff.

Now we’re being frightened with food. Sure, they can stop us from flying, and taking trains and buses, but we can’t stop eating.  That’s where the REAL fear comes.  

When will people stand up, and tell our leaders to go fuck themselves? We need a movement.  Protesting doesn’t work, and has never worked.  Voting for or against people doesn’t work any more,( see George Bush Jr.) either.

All we can do is ignore them.  Turn off your television.  Turn off your radio.   Put down that newspaper or magazine.  Think for yourself!  Act for yourself!  Grow some stones, and tell the world you won’t be controlled!

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