Civil Disobedience Is NEEDED!

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So, I’m listening to the radio right now, (AM640 Toronto), and of course they’re still talking about the riots in Vancouver. I guess they didn’t read my article from yesterday, STAGED VANCOUVER RIOTS, where myself, and many of my readers supported the idea that there was a conspiracy behind those events.
Now back to my original point: The radio. No less than THREE times this morning have I heard the commentators on the radio use the words ‘New World’ and/or ‘New World Security’. It’s almost as thought this Illuminati controlled medium is following a script, doesn’t it?
It seems to me, (and hopefully you), that we are slowly being programmed. The New World Order is among us, and no one has noticed. That’s THEIR plan! Slowly implementing control. The kicker is: We’re allowing this!
I know you’re smarter than this. Why else would you be reading this blog, or Googling the keyword that lead you to this site. It’s time to stand up, and stop this. No stupid protesting. That shit doesn’t work, unless THEY want it to. I’m not sure what sort of demonstration will work. We’ve learned that public protesting is a joke. We’ve learned that elections are a joke. We need some sort of civil disobedience. I’m not sure where we could go from here. If you have any ideas, PLEASE post it in my guest book. If you do, I beg of you to sign your name. Anonymity is pointless. It no longer exists.
Yes, I’m trying to get the word out there. We NEED action! What sort of action? I’m open to suggestions!

Where’s Fukushima Now?

            So what’s happening at the Fukushima nuclear reactor?  Who the Hell knows?  It’s been melting down for over two months. 

Experts have told us that within hours of the Earthquake and tsunami, the radiation levels were at least ten times that of Chernobyl.  What’s it at now?  No one really knows.  And if they do, they certainly aren’t getting any press in the mainstream media, are they?  The Fukushima disaster isn’t even front page news anymore.  It was for about a week, hitting the front pages of the New York Times, the L.A. Times, and pretty much every newspaper in the world.  Now it’s not even below the fold.  You’ll be hard pressed to find any coverage in the first ten pages of many newspapers.  Have you heard about it on the TV news?  No.  Have you heard about it on daytime radio?  No.  Only a few broadcasts that I’m aware of even mention Fukushima.  And those RADIO shows are on late at night, when the majority of the world is asleep. 

There are massive levels of radiation hitting the western shores of North America, yet no one is talking about it.  Millions are going to die from radiation related illnesses.  They won’t be reported.  You know it, and I know it.

Why is that?  That’s easy enough to answer.  It’s because the Illuminati controlled media are being told not to report on it.  Why?  So that we the SHEEP, are unaware of the dangers around us.  We’re all well aware that the ideal world, (according to The Illuminati) is population of roughly 500 million people.  The smaller the populous, the easier they are to control.  So, with that in mind, do you wonder why we’re not being told about this disaster anymore?  Why we no longer hear of precautions we should take to help protect ourselves, and our families?  Why we no longer hear those stupid ads for Iodide pills, (they don’t work anyways)? 

You can bet your bottom dollar that many more people will die in the coming years due to the fallout of this man made earthquake and tsunami.  When you start seeing your friends and family drop dead from radiation poisoning, you can thank the Powers That Be. 

Just thought I’d give you a quick heads-up, as I haven’t written much lately.  Again, thanks for reading!!

Fake TV News

Do they really feel they need to tell us this?  Like we don’t already know that 90% of the news we’re fed is garbage?


More Lies From Libya

As I discussed yesterday in : NATO Caught Lying…. AGAIN!, it seems that even the much heralded Al Jazeera is starting to drink the Western Kool-Aid as well.

Most major media outlets are reporting air strikes in Libya.  I have yet to see any photo’s, or video proof of this.  Yes, we’ve all seen the damage that has been caused, but I don’t think that ANYONE, including the Libyans have actually SEEN military aircraft dropping the alleged bombs.  That damage, and any intelligent person would say, could EASILY be made by some strategically placed explosive devices.

In the age of Twitter and Facebook, one could reasonably assume that such videos and photo’s would be all over The Internet by now.

Why The Illuminati Tolerate Truthers

This is a fantastically written article.  I would suggest that EVERYONE on the planet, (or at least with access to the Internet) read it.


BP And Mass Media: BIG FAT LIARS!

That’s right.  The title says it all.

There is now even more documented proof that the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is still flowing.  There is a very good possibility that there is a second leak that the mass media was PAID not to report about, from one of the wealthiest companies n the world, British Petroleum.
There are facts that support this claim, and exerts from interviews that support said claims. 

Seafood’s safe, step right along, everything’s OK, watch TV

I would list all the facts supporting this claim, as I usually do.  However, I want my readers to do a bit of their own research.  I have always, and will always have links supporting everything I say.

More Fear Mongering?

Is this more fear mongering?  Trying to SCARE people into staying inside?  Not to go out, or use the technologies we have?
Also notice that this news broadcast is from ABC.  The company with the “All Seeing Eye’ in their logo?

Haiti: A Year Later

It’s been a year now since that 7.0 magnitude Earthquake in Haiti.  It’s also been just about a year since I posted THIS ARTICLE, (January 25, 2010),  on my old site, outlining why that ridiculous amount of money raised for Haiti, (and still being raised) has not, and will not ever see the Haitians most devastated by this man-made catastrophe. 
In that article, I documented where the $866,159,390 in donations had come so far.  There has been many more fundraisers, and telethons, and donations made.  The reports on the amount of money raised for Haiti as of today fluctuate from report to report.  The one constant is that it is well over a THREE TRILLION DOLLARS. 
I’m not too sure about you, but I’m pretty sure about myself.  If someone handed me a cheque for three trillion dollars to rebuild my country, you can bet your ass that in one year, I would have a brand new, shiny country.  I understand that there are contracts to work out, and stuff like that, but from the looks of things, only  few dollars have made it to that country.

In that article, I also said that not a damn cent of the money YOU, and YOUR FRIENDS donated to Haitian relief would go to help the Haitians. 

“You can also be rest assured that NONE of that money will ever reach Haiti. However, someone is making a shitload of money of this, and it’s NOT Haiti. That’s how they will control you. Your money is power, and you’re willfully GIVING it away!!”
A quote from my January 25th. 2010 posting
As you can see from that photo, taken just weeks ago, many of the Haitians are still living in tents.  It doesn’t take a year to begin building new homes, or apartments are shelters.  
From reports I have heard about the condition of Haiti now, versus shortly after the Earthquake is:  There just aren’t any bodies in the streets any more.  That’s about the only difference.
True, there has been SOME improvement, but clearly not three trillion dollars worth.  Hell, the amount of shelter that has been built in that country in the past year, I could have done myself, alone.  
If you haven’t figured it out yet for yourself, allow me to be as blatant as possible:
The money you donated to Haiti has not gone there, nor will it ever.  You gave money directly into the pockets of the elite.  That’s how they control you.  What better way to control people, than with their own money?  Next time you’re asked to make a donation to some world cause, DON’T.  I’m not suggesting to do away with donating to any charity, just be careful where you put your hard earned money.  
The next time there is ‘disaster relief’, it was probably a man-made disaster, and the relief will never go to the people who need it most.

Predictive Programming For The Apocalypse?

It’s been in the news lately.  Certainly not Front Page material… Any more.  It was all over the television a while ago too.  On programs such as Flash Forward.  On radio shows such as Coast To Coast AM, The Conspiracy Show, and A View From Space.

The coming Apocalypse;  The ancient Mayans predicted it, now people are starting to wonder if it’s really happening….  Two years early.  Or, is it something being done by our governments?

There are several different theories as to why all the wildlife worldwide are suddenly dropping dead; birds falling out of the sky, fish and other sea creatures washing up on shorelines.
It first started with birds mysteriously falling out of the sky in the U.S. deep south.  Now we have birds falling out of the sky in South America, and Europe.

Shortly before midnight, on Jan 4, 50-100 jackdaws on a street in Falkoping, Sweden

Theory #1 – Fireworks around the world celebrating the New Years Festivals disoriented the birds, so they couldn’t find food, and just died.  Great theory, but doesn’t explain the sea life that is dying.

Theory #2 – A mass chemical/biological attack targeted to specific life forms.  Plausible, but do we, (Earthlings), have that sort of technology?

Theory #3 – Polar shift.  We all know that many animals, including birds use the magnetic fields to find their direction.  If the magnetic fields are changing as a result of a Polar Shift, that would explain a lot of things.

Theory #4 – The Mayan Apocalypse.  You all have heard about it, so there is no need to explain this one, except that it may be starting almost two years early.

Theory #5 – A massive outbreak of the West Nile Virus.  Tests on the dead birds that have been recovered, have yet to prove that.  Also, I was unaware that the West Nile Virus affected fish…?

Theory #6 – HAARP.  This is the most likely of theories, but will never be named as the cause of this worldwide carnage.

Theory #7 – A failed, or successful attempt at Time Travel.  We saw this in the Television show FLASH FORWARD.  Could that be some Predictive Programming?

Thousands of them: Crabs wash ashore in Palm bay, Margate

The mass deaths worldwide include:

 – 450 red-winged blackbirds, brown-headed cowbirds, grackles and starlings found littering a highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
 – 3000 blackbirds on roofs and roads in the small town of Beebe, Arkansas.
 – Thousands of ‘devil crabs’ washed up along the shore in Kent, England.
 – Thousands of drum fish washed along a 20-mile stretch of an Arkansas river.
 – Tens of thousands of small fish in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland.
 – Thousands of dead fish floating in warm Florida creek.
 – Hundreds of snapper fish found dead in New Zealand.
 – Scored of American Coots found dead on highway bridge in Texas.

Dead birds litter a bridge in Texas

I haven’t posted all the pictures and videos that I have, but you can clearly see somethings up.  What do you think it is?  I’d love to hear some of your theories.  Post them in the comment section below.

Predictive Programming?

Over the last couple of days, we’ve been hearing a lot about those thousands of bird that just ‘fell out of the sky’ in Arkansas.  Read about it here.

Dead Birds In Arkansas

When I heard about this, my first thought was of the television show FLASH FORWARD.  Just saying….

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