The Royal Wedding (Distraction)

    You’ve noticed over the past several weeks, (or maybe you haven’t), that there has been quite a bit of unrest in Libya, and now in Syria. The reason why I’m wondering if you’ve really noticed is that there has been a constant injection in the main stream media of this ‘feel good’ story: That of the wedding between Prince William, and Kate Middleton. 

There is also a nuclear meltdown occurring in Japan. Haven’t heard a lot about that lately either, have you?

Here’s son information about the Royal Family, and traditions you may not be aware of:

When William and Kate wed this week, not only will William’s name change, (He’ll be entitled to the Royal title of Duke), but so will Kate’s. She’ll become Her Royal Highness Duchess Catherine of, (wherever William becomes Duke). The title ‘DUKE’ comes from the Latin word ‘Dux’, which means A
LEADER. You see, a Duke is the highest rank in British Peerage. Queen Elizabeth II is also a Duke. No, not a Duchess, but a Duke. She is the Duke of Lancaster. While her son, Prince Charles, the Price of Wales, is also the Duke of Cornwall. That’s why after marrying his wife, Camilla Parker Bowels, became the Duchess of Cornwall.

Many Royal Watchers believe that William will be given the Dukedom of Cambridge. However, there are many others, such as, Windsor, Clarence, Sussex, Kendal, and Avondale, just to name a few.

The last Duke of Cambridge was Prince George. He was known as The Second Duke of Cambridge, born in 1819. He was the Grandson of George III, and the only son of Prince Adolphus Frederick, the first Duke of Cambridge. Like Prince William, this Duke is said to have married a ‘commoner’. Like William, the Second Duke of Cambridge joined the British Military, and became quite the figurehead. He served in The Crimean War, and it wasn’t long before he was promoted to Commander In Chief in 1887. I believe that William will be following the footsteps of the Duke of Cambridge. 

You have also noticed in the coverage of this Royal Wedding that the majority of news, and other related shows are about Kate. Not the future King. That’s simple. The reason is because The Illuminati are bringing back Goddess worship. Mark my words when I say this: Catherine will lift her own veil when the Wedding ceremony is complete. By that, she will be allowing William to take her as his bride. Not William taking her. Again, The Illuminati bringing back Goddess worship. Because that’s part of the NEW RELIGION.

You will also notice that it was leaked to The Illuminati Controlled media that Catherine will NOT use the word ‘obey’ in her vows to William. That will be further proof still that women are again emboldening themselves above the men. That’s right. The Royals are beginning to glorify the Goddess again. This time, in the most public of spectacles.

William and Catherine’s wedding date is April 29th. That’s the 119th day of the year. The 29th works out to be 1+1=2 and a 9. Look at it again. That’s TWO backward 9/11’s. Now let’s look at it this way: the number 911, or the mirror image, 119, is also a hidden 11. 1+1+9=11.

April 29th is also the date that Adolph Hitler chose as his wedding day. So, there MUST be something very powerful about that date, don’t you think?

William’s Mother and father were also wed on a 29. July 29th, 1981.

In Numerology, the number 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect. All things that are deemed ‘sinful’, ‘harmful’ and ‘imperfect’ are to be destroyed. They are to be destroyed, to make way for the NEW Global System. 11 is the MASTER’S number. Any multiplications of 11 are very powerful numbers too, in the Occult.

One of the reasons that the number 11 is so powerful is this: It’s the Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac, and we are moving into the AGE OF AQUARIUS. 

There are many 11’s set into this historic Illuminati event. The time of the wedding itself is at 11:00 AM local time. Prince William is 29 years old, as is Catherine. 2+9=11.

As you can see by the incorporation of Numerology, this is a VERY powerful Illuminati/Occult event. During the ceremony and festivities of the day, pay close attention. Pay attention to the symbology incorporated into the events. Particularly on the newscasts.

Now the next question is: Who will be the next Illuminati Sacrifice?

Between April 19th, and May 1st is the window when human sacrifice begins. You doubt me? Let me pose you some examples:

The Waco Massacre, April 19th, 1993

The Oklahoma City bombing, April 19th, 1995

The Columbine High school Massacre, April 20th, 1999

There are many more, (you can Google it), and they are NO coincidence.

Those are just a few things I wanted to point out to you all. Now it’s up to you to look for yourself. Remember to keep your mind open! Resist The Iluminati. Resist being controlled!



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  1. hmmm… but isn't the web also being controlled by the illuminati? so when you google something, don't you think that you are being "Redirected" to what they want you to see?P.S. Google is a jewish /zionist agenda and Zion = illuminati…!Nice attempt to control the web! so far working on sheepish people.

  2. Osama Bin Laden. There's your sacrifice. Damn!!

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