With less than two weeks away from Canada’s 41st General Election, I’m becoming appalled by the amount of lies being spewed by our Federal Leaders. We all know the issues: Health care, Pensions, etc… The one thing that NO ONE has spoken about is the cost of gas. With 32% tax per litre every time we fill up our cars going directly to our Provincial Governments and federal Governments, and who knows who else?

Look at it this way: If you’re paying a very modest $1.25 per litre for gas, an astounding $0.40 of that is TAX! Not to mention, we’re paying tax on top of tax for our fuel. So, when you fill up your tank, (let’s assume you drive a compact car), and your needle is on EMPTY. You fuel up 47 litres for your car, ($58.75). The amount of that cost is $18.80 in JUST TAX.

With 2009 numbers, there are 21,673,403 drivers in Canada. Now, assuming every driver in Canada drives the exact same compact car, and fills up their tank just once a week. That’s $407,459,976.40 a WEEK in tax that our respective governments receive in gas tax money. That’s $2,164,000,000.00 a year, (over $2 BILLION!). Yet we still are running a deficit.

But, enough about that. We know that the Governments gouge us. The tax money we pay doesn’t always go to where we think its going. Better yet, it sometimes doesn’t even go to Government spending.  

Conservative Party

We all know that Stephen Harper is a member of the Bilerberger Group. He very quietly signed on with Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon to bring the North American Union one step closer to becoming a reality.

Liberal Party

We all know that Michael Ignatieff is a Russian Aristocrat, and has the same agenda as Harper.


Now Jack Layton: The leader of the Federal New Democratic Party. The NDP party was created for one reason: To help split the vote.

Bloc Quebecois Party

Gilles Duceppe. The leader of the Bloc Quebecois. Since the majority of the country cannot vote for The Bloc, I’ll waste no time writing about them.

Green Party

Finally we have The Green Party and Elizabeth May. May was excluded from the televised Federal debates for clearly political reasons. She is the real reason I’m writing this post. I’m not a supporter of any party specifically, as I firmly believe they all have hidden agendas.

I’ve been watching very closely the daily polls that are coming out. They all show that the Harper lead Tory’s will be forming another minority government.

The TV and radio news programs have been talking a lot lately about various ‘VOTE MOBS’ by younger people around the country. This is to drive the rest of the citizens out to vote for either the Tory’s or the Grits. No one is really talking about the Green Party. Now here’s my real intention with writing this article: Vote Green!

I’m not saying that because I’m an environmentalist. As you know, I’m a strong believer that Global Warming is a hoax. I’m saying vote Green as a protest. Harper is begging Canadians to vote for him, and give him a majority parliament. Ignatieff is questioning Harper’s dedication to the democratic process. Jack Layton is too dumb to realize he’ll never be Prime Minister, and Duceppe could NEVER be more than the Official Opposition.

Many of you fear the Green vote because of a lot of May’s policies. For example: Wanting to impose a ‘Carbon tax’. Even if the Green’s won a majority, such a bill would never pass the Conservative-stacked senate.

So I implore you, as a protest against the tyrannical offices in Ottawa to vote Green. Not because I want Elizabeth May as my ‘leader’, but to show the rest of the world we aren’t sheep. We won’t be influenced by polls. We won’t be influenced by what the Federal Leaders spew at us. Have your voice heard! I’m saying that because I think the Canadian Electoral System is one of the last in the world that still holds any form of credibility. I can say that. I have firsthand knowledge of how the system REALLY works in Canada.


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