World Update

I apologize for not posting anything for the last week or so. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues. But, rest assured, I’m back, and will continue to post. Maybe not as frequently for some time, but the updates will continue.
Over the past few weeks, the only thing that seems to have been in the news has been the revolution in Egypt. As I posted in THE REVOLUTION IS SPREADING, I indeed said that Egypt is a trend setter. The revolution in the Middle East is spreading. First to Jordan, and now to Libya.
The difference between the revolution in Egypt, and the one now occurring in Libya is plain to see: Libya is turning to violence. Hundreds of civilians are being slaughtered by their nations protectors.
I also suggested that these revolutions are choreographed. Planned out by The Powers that Be. Why? So that the Elite Rich, (Illuminati), can place whoever they want in positions of power in said countries. Just like in a game of Chess. First you position your pawns, then you strike. It’s all very simple, really. Just think about it.
I’m not in the business of prophesies , but I will say this: In the very near future, something MASSIVE will occur. It could be the complete implementation of the New World Order, or it could be the beginning of Full Disclosure. I’m not sure. One thing I am sure sure of is; when it happens, we’ll all know it, and our lives will change. Likely for the worse, rather than the better.
These revolutions could also be serving as a distraction. How many of you are aware of the currently occurring Polar Shift? That’s right. The North and South magnetic poles are shifting. Just ask the engineers at the airport in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Are you also aware that climate change is also occurring? But not what you think. We’re moving towards an ice age, or at least a mini ice age. NOT Global Warming. Again, just a theory that these revolutions are serving as a distraction, but the fact remains that Global Warming is a FARCE.

Now, back to these revolutions…. As I said, they will spread. Not just in the Middle East, but world wide. There are even demonstrations of support occurring. These demonstrations will soon turn into all-out protests. Forcing the leaders of nations to bend to the will of ‘the people’. This is called democracy. But, let’s not forget: Democracy is the worst type of government…. Except for all the rest.
I suppose now it’s just a waiting game. I suspect we’ll soon find out what PTB are up to. I don’t think I’ll like what happens, and neither will you. Keep your fingers crossed. There is a very slim chance it will benefit us.


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