Inevitable Victory, or Propaganda?

As I’ve posted for the last few days, there is a revolution occurring!
There are a few reasons why this is happening right now.

1)  The people of the world have finally had enough.  When they see that Hosni Mubarak resigns from office long before he said he would, people will see VICTORY.  The people around the world will see that when enough people move towards a cause, it can, and will be accomplished.

2)  It’s happening in the Middle East for a reason.  Primarily in Egypt.  The reason for that is simple:  Who do you really believe built the pyramids?  Was it thousands of men pushing, and dragging those massive slabs of rock up a slide made of mud?  Me either.

Yes, I’m saying the majority of those protests are being staged.  Yes, they will accomplish what they want.  However, Do you honestly believe that the ‘PRO-MUBARAK’ protesters, (actually cops), are there by accident?  Promoting violence?  They are there for no other reason than to turn the world against Mubarak.  To help show the world that protesting again works.

3)  If you had a chance to watch the video that was posted on STILL AN E.T. DOUBTER? which was promptly taken down, then you know what I’m talking about.  If you didn’t have a chance to view it, it clearly showed an UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT in the skies over Jerusalem, Israel.
What I’m saying is this:  Yes there are aliens amongst us.  yes they will very soon, (within the next 18-24 months), make themselves visible.  Full disclosure will soon be here.

The Powers That Be, (PTB) are preparing us with their predictive programming, and other forms of propaganda for the inevitable disclosure of alien life.  They may be waiting for December 21st, 2012, just to make it more exciting.  But who knows? 
You’ve also heard about journalists being arrested, and detained by the Egyptian police?  I would suggest that while they are being detained, that are actually being ‘briefed’.

That I believe is the real reason for starting these protests, and riots.  So that when E.T. is finally revealed to us, we’ll except the news willingly. 
The next step will be alien integration, then to domination.  This integration and domination may not happen in my lifetime, or yours, or our children’s.  But it will. 


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