The Revolution Is Spreading!

It Started In Tunisia
It Quickly Spread To Egypt
Now It’s Reached Jordan

As I posted in The Revolution Has Begun, on January 29th, the PEACEFUL protests in Tunisia and Egypt were quickly spreading west.  Soon to encompass Europe, and the western hemisphere.  There have been protests in Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto.  They will get bigger as the world fully awakens to the lies they’ve been told, by their corrupt and corporate run governments.  It WILL happen.  You can mark my words on that. 
There is soon to be a military coup in Egypt.  The ‘Pharaoh’ will be dethroned from power.  The rest of the world will follow suit. 
We, THE PEOPLE are tired of the lies, misleading, and corruption of our leaders!  We need to act!  A protest of peace will beget peace.  Violence will beget NOTHING. 
This world NEEDS a revolution!  We need to stand with our brothers and sisters around the world.  We MUST protest against the corruption.  We MUST protest against the tyranny.  We MUST protest for our way of life.  We MUST demonstrate that we will not go quietly.  We must stand united in this global movement.  This is a once in a lifetime movement.  The ‘hippies’ tried in the 60’s, and failed.  We must NOT fail!  We NEED  change.  We need leaders who aren’t blinded by power.  Who aren’t blinded by money and bribes.  We WILL be the change this world needs.  Stand with your brothers and sisters!  Stand united!
This is the time for change.  The time we’ve been waiting for.  A lone street vendor started this movement, and we must NOT let him die in vain!

I ask you, no I BEG you to forward this posting to all of your friends.  All of our brothers and sisters!  Continue the movement here!  This must not end until we see the change that is so desperately needed in this world.  We can sit in on seminars, watch protest video after protest video.  That accomplishes NOTHING!  We must occupy the streets, the office, the government buildings.  We must let them know we will not stop until we get what is rightfully ours:  A peaceful, uncorrupted government.  A fair, and just society! 



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