Al Qaeda In The News Again?

I understand that FOX NEWS barely counts as a legitimate news outlet.  After all, like all MAJOR news corporations, it’s controlled by The Illuminati.
Yes, I occasionally cruise their website to see what sort of lies and misinformation they’re spewing to the public.  I laughed out loud when I read this article:

AQAP Looking To Attack U.S. Food Supply?

 You would think that by now, the evil entity known as Al Qaeda would be far from every one’s mind.  But it seems that The Illuminati want to keep everyone on their toes, or more specifically, under their spell.


We know that Al Qaeda is a myth.  Created by the Americans/Illuminati.  But I suppose that the weak, and the mindless will blindly follow their leaders like lemmings to a cliff.

Now we’re being frightened with food. Sure, they can stop us from flying, and taking trains and buses, but we can’t stop eating.  That’s where the REAL fear comes.  

When will people stand up, and tell our leaders to go fuck themselves? We need a movement.  Protesting doesn’t work, and has never worked.  Voting for or against people doesn’t work any more,( see George Bush Jr.) either.

All we can do is ignore them.  Turn off your television.  Turn off your radio.   Put down that newspaper or magazine.  Think for yourself!  Act for yourself!  Grow some stones, and tell the world you won’t be controlled!


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