Why Jewish Power is More Powerful Than White Supremacy

We all know that talking about ‘White Supremacy‘ is considered VERY taboo.  Particularly here in North America and, though I’ve never been, I can only assume it’s the same in Europe, too.
We’ve all heard about The Jewish Conspiracy, and many other PRO- Zionist things.
I’m not saying I’m a racist, or anti-semite, or any of those other labels that society will throw my way after reading this posting.  I’m here to create dialogue.  To state FACTS.  If I’m wrong, (which I’m not), please post in my comment section undeniable PROOF to the contrary. 

Instead of trying to fit the square peg of opposition to Jewish ethnocentrism into the round hole of political correctness, we should list the ways in which Jewish power is more powerful than white supremacy:

1. The open advocacy of white power – in any country – is taboo – no politician in the world does it
2. The open advocacy of Jewish power – in Israel – is mandatory for all Western politicians
3. The Western countries boycotted, and caused the end of, white apartheid, thirty years ago
4. The Western countries support Jewish apartheid today, uncritically and very expensively
5. Desmond Tutu has stated that Israeli policies are at least as bad as apartheid
6. Apartheid South Africa fought for US interests against Soviet-backed forces
7. Apartheid Israel has never fought for US interests
8. There has been no violence against Jews in any Western country for sixty-five years – unless you count Palestinian resistance, which is the result of Jewish supremacy
9. When US colleges, co-operatives and other bodies initiated a boycott of South Africa over thirty years ago, no white supremacists tried to stop them
10. When, today, US colleges, co-operatives and other bodies tentatively discuss a boycott of Israel today, right-wing Jewish activists issue lawsuits and stage protests, and left-wing Jewish activists try to undermine their efforts from within, complaining of ‘oppression’ and ‘anti-Semitism’ 

Ever try to question the Holocaust in public?  “You fucking anti-semite!” is the conditioned response.  Is that more of a ‘White Guilt’  thing?  Canada’s laws against questioning aspects of the Shoah are a clear expression of Jewish privilege.  Opposing that ‘PRIVILEGE’ by claiming ‘Freedom Of Speech’, and changing those laws, is very similar to catching a speeding bullet in your teeth, without causing bodily harm. 

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