The Bohemian Grove & Illuminati

Many people believe that the members of the Bohemian Grove are the real string pullers. They meet once a year in Northern California, at a ‘Summer Camp for the Power Elite’.


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  1. I think it's far more likely just the kind of hedonistic, disgusting human sacrifice that people have been engaged in since at least 4000 BC. First, if you notice the speech that the "high priest" makes to the victim it very clearly has a sexually abusive connotation, especially if the person is a gay sex slave that perhaps didn't want to be there to begin with and has already had many people have their way with him. Second of all, I really don't think you can gain human feelings by consuming human flesh and blood, which is almost identical to the flesh and blood of nearly anything else except its a little higher in mineral content. Saying this, I wouldn't be surprised if 1) we are not ocassionally visited by FIFTH OR HIGHER dimensional beings (get it right, you don't reach out of our current universe until after the fourth dimension) and 2) their top merchants and traders were not very, very wealthy people. The reason you would do it in California is because law enforcement basically doesn't exist there and the government is so corrupt and self-indulgent that they wouldn't care even if they did know it was happening.Oh, and one last thing, if I was the New World Order the very last people I would get involved with is the Mafia, you know why? Mafias never get along with each other. Much better to pick groups of people (like the rich and the political elite) who understand exactly how to do business with each other.

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