How Close is Disclosure?

It seems with all the ALIEN stuff in the news lately, we’re moving much closer to FULL DISCLOSURE, than I originally thought.  I’ve been writing about this for a long time.  On my old site, I wrote FULL DISCLOSURE IS IMMINENT just a couple of months ago.  Now we has NASA telling us they may have found alien life in a lake in California. 
We also have an Egyptian Archaeologist admitting that the pyramids contain UFO technology
Most recently, I discovered this BRAND NEW footage from October 15th, 2010, from  CBS on YouTube.

Are THEY slowly conditioning us for Full Disclosure?  Giving us sneak peeks into the ‘alien world’?

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  1. You do realize that UFO just stands for "Unidentified Flying Object" right? This could just as easily be secret military flights as aliens (which is why I would get the fuck out of the way if I saw that.)

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