Illuminati & Social Programming to Accept Pedophilia

For much of world history, homosexuality was considered ‘taboo’. But, in the 1970’s, things began to change. Rather than ‘violently oppose’ homosexuality, the world saw the emergence of such television shows as “Three’s Company”, where homosexuality was lampooned, and made fun of.

Now homosexuality is being rammed down our throats, with government funded PRIDE Parades, and even being taught in school as a ‘lifestyle choice’. People who refuse to experiment with homosexuality are deemed intolerant, and hateful.
The same formula/recipe is being used to force pedophilia on the world, now. Pedophilia is so far from the cultural nature, that no sane person needs to be told that it’s wrong. Such thoughts just don’t enter the mind of a sane, and rational adult.
However, beginning about 10 years ago, the Illuminati controlled media began a campaign of planting seeds into the public mind of just how “BAD” and “WRONG” pedophilia is.
Even is such seeds don’t blossom into pedophillic actions in a particular individual, the end result is that statistically, even by ‘attacking’ and ‘violently opposing’ pedophilia in this way, you will see an increase in the number of pedophilia related cases.
haven’t you ever noticed? After drug awareness campaigns, and M.A.D.D. campaigns get underway, there is always a statistical increase in drug abuse, and drunk driving.
As I was saying…. About 10 years ago, the public began to be bombarded by news reports of pedophiles, by shows like “To Catch A Predator,” and “Law and Order“, where it seems that in just about every episode, they are trying to hunt down a child rapist of some sort.

That’s Phase #1 – Violent Opposition
Today we’ve moved to Phase #2 – Ridicule.
The best example of this, and the most readily available is the television show “The Family Guy.”

I don’t doubt that history will record that “The Family Guy” was to pedophilia what “Three’s Company” was to homosexuality, and the gay movement.
Think about this: In the 30 minutes that are devoted to an episode of “The Family Guy,” there will be 15 – 20 pedophile-styled jokes.
The show stars an infant who is clearly gay. Who is constantly finding himself in predicaments where he is being propositioned to, or actually having sex with adult men.

“The Family Guy” is also trying to break down the taboo’s of beastiality. Another main character is a dog. He’s always dating a new woman in each episode, and clearly having an affair with his female owner.
It’s true that today there are many people campaigning for Gay Rights. I would suggest that in 25 – 30 years, these Gay Rights campaigners will be the new Pedophile campaigners.
One thing is always true about history: It repeats itself. We are not programmed to accept homosexuality as a “Normal.” It’s only a matter of time until we accept pedophilia as “Normal,” as well.
It was “Generation X” that brought forth the Gay Rights revolution. It’s Generation X’s children, (many of whom are in high school or younger), “Generation Y,” who will bring about the Pedophile Rights. Next is Generation Z. End of the alphabet. What will be taboo in 25 – 30 years that they will be legitimising?

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