When J.K. Rowling set out to write the HARRY POTTER series of books, she said she wanted to write something that she would want to read, as an adult. Yes, those stories were written for adults. Yet are craved by children. Those books are slowly but surely conditioning the children, and adults alike, for the coming, and acceptance of a NEW religion. Or, as some would put it, the ‘New World Order’. As you are all well aware, the final installment, the last of the SEVEN books, (7 being the number of spirituality), has been broken up into two movies. Bringing the final release, right up to the year 2012. That’s right. The final installment of the movie will be July 15th, 2011.
That’s an entire generation captivated by this series of books. Yes, I’m guilty too, as are you, and your friends and family. Everyone who has read those books, has to some extent, accepted witchcraft as real. Let me tell you, you’re all 100% correct. Maybe not in the sense of casting spells with a magic wand, but more in the sense of BRAINWASHING. Yes, that’s right; brainwashing. We’ve accepted the fact that what happens in those books COULD happen. It WILL happen. No, Lord Voldemort, (a clear reference to Satan), isn’t going to rise, and try and take over the world. However, the few and the powerful will.

Rowling Either has an incredible memory, when it comes to things she’s read throughout, or very thoroughly researched the occult, or, as many people now believe, has FIRST HAND knowledge, or experience. Human ignorance always fears the unknown. This is exactly why J.K. Rowling has conditioned an entire generation to witchcraft, and magic. So we won’t be so objective when these things occur.

If you get into the subjects of the books, (all seven), you will see that they actually parallel perfectly with human history.

Take for example: In the Harry Potter books, there are TWO wizarding wars. And of course, in the real world, we’ve had TWO world wars. In both the Harry Potter world, and the REAL world, there are two sides warring. But before they can wage war, they firstly they cause a recession, the depression, and then mobilize the army. Sound familliar so far? If you’ve read the books, and read the newspapers, they are practically identical, with just a few name changes.

Remember the London bombings on July 7th, 2007? At Kings Cross Station? 7-7-7 was the date. If you’ve ever read the Harry Potter books, (and I know you have), you know that the train station the students go to to catch a ride on The Hogwarts Express is Kings Cross Station. Let me refresh your memory as to how many books are in the Harry Potter series….. SEVEN.

You are all familiar with DEMENTORS, (Al-Qaeda). They feed on the fear of others. Using that to control them. Ultimately killing them with their ‘kiss’. Now, do you see a little better parallel in OUR world? With the global war on terrorism? Using this exact same principal? FEAR. To push this war? Bombs flying around on airplanes? causing all kinds of fears. Causing all sorts of freedoms to be taken away? Fear is a great motivator.

You’ll recall in Book number six, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; Harry and Dumbledore go into a cave. Harry is forced to keep feeding Dumbledore a potion which is clearly causing him agony. Making him ask for death. This book is an attempt to program us, and more specifically our children, to be desensitized to torture and pain.‎

In the seventh, and final installment of the Harry Potter book series, we know that Harry defeats Lord Voldemort, and takes on his power. I theorize that when the New World Order makes its largest stand, it will be defeated. By whom or what, I don’t know. But, whatever entity it is, will then be looked upon as the new leader(s). Just as Harry was. Thus becoming the new Global Leader(s).


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